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Good design is valuable. No matter the product or service, design will be at the heart of a successful business strategy.

Some of the most iconic brands have design at the heart of their business. Businesses with vision use design strategically – to differentiate themselves from the competition, to launch new brands and to strengthen existing ones and to inform strategic decisions. Given the rise of powerful and exciting new brands, design now acts as a mechanism for business growth and innovation. Independent research has shown time and time again that design can add value to any business or organisation, by driving innovation and opening up uncontested market spaces, differentiating products and services, not only to embed customer loyalty, but to reach to new customers.

With this back drop, savvy businesses need to consider design protection as a logical step in the process of design creation and commercialisation. Nothing should be left to chance. 

Are you protecting your designs?

The visual appearance of your products and their components can be protected by intellectual property (IP) law.

A Community registered design can offer low cost but effective protection for up to 25 years, not just in the UK but in all 28 member states of the European Union. What's more, registered design rights can generate income if sold or licensed, like more tangible forms of property. IP rights are an asset that can provide credibility and reduce risk.

And are you sure that your designs aren't trespassing on someone else's intellectual property? When do you check that you are free to use your idea, name or design? Leave it too late, or don't check at all, and you risk using IP that belongs to others. It is important to run searches to check for exiting designs (and other IP such as trade marks and domain names) right from the start of your project.

You also need to consider what agreements are in place between you, your clients, business partners and suppliers, if IP rights are shared, licensed or purchased.

Where we can help

A detailed knowledge of design law in the UK, Europe and around the world is essential in order to get the best protection for your designs. If IP something new for you and your business, professional advice is invariably worthwhile.

D Young & Co's highly regarded team of design experts are qualified and experienced in advising a range of clients, from small entrepreneurial start ups to multinational brand leaders, on a full range of issues relating to product design, packaging, branding and copyright, and have acted in major design cases. The design team has extensive experience in many sectors including food and beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, hotels and restaurants, boats, charities, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, aviation, courier services, film, television, music, sports teams and vehicle manufacturers.

We are able to file registered design applications in the UK and across Europe as a single application. We also file registered design applications elsewhere in the world through our network of foreign design attorney firms.

Whatever your design needs, we have the right team to help you.

Design team profiles

Design team profiles

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Read our latest design articles

New to IP? Registered designs FAQ

New to IP? Registered designs FAQ


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