We are committed to supporting, promoting, and celebrating equality, diversity, and inclusion within our firm and in the IP profession.

D Young & Co is an equal opportunities employer. Our equal opportunities policy applies to all employees and partners, as well as other individuals performing functions in relation to the firm such as agency workers and contractors. We are committed to the implementation and maintenance of employment and general working practices that ensure no member of staff or partner is treated less favourably on the grounds of sex, marital status (including Civil Partner), sexual orientation, age, disability, race, gender reassignment, religion or belief.

We also have an anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy that provides our staff and partners with guidance on treating everyone with dignity and respect. We endeavour to make reasonable adjustments where appropriate to ensure there is a level playing field for all.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion officer is partner Dr Zöe Clyde-Watson.


We seek to cast our recruitment net as wide as possible and recognise that fostering a professional working environment that is rich in diversity and free from discrimination is the key to creativity and productivity. Diversity and inclusion is an important consideration when determining how and where we advertise our vacancies and careers events. For example in 2019 candidates from a wide range of different UK universities participated in our popular Easter internship programme (for students interested in a career as a patent attorney in electro-mechanical technologies). We also regularly send our attorneys to speak at university open days and events to encourage science and engineering graduates from all backgrounds to pursue careers in IP.

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IP Inclusive

We are committed to supporting, promoting, and celebrating equality, diversity, and inclusion within our firm and in the IP profession. D Young & Co was one of the original charter signatories for IP Inclusive, an initiative devoted to promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity throughout the IP profession. Our activities support four main areas: awareness-raising; best practice charter and accreditation schemes; diversity training; and support. As a firm we promote IP inclusive events and initiatives to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion across our firm and within the IP profession.

At D Young & Co we place great value on flexibility as a key characteristic of the way in which we work, both in client-facing matters and in how we operate internally. We see this flexibility as the key to promoting diversity in our workforce and ensuring inclusion for a broad spectrum of staff from different backgrounds.

Recent events

We recently attended the launch of IP Ability, a part of the IP Inclusive community focussing on supporting those with all types of disabilities and their carers and allies. IP Ability intends to provide support for those already working within the IP professions, in all roles and at all stages of their careers; encourage and assist stakeholders in making the IP professions accessible, inclusive and welcoming for disabled people and those in care-giving roles; and raise awareness and understanding of disability within the IP professions.

In February we attended the Women in IP event: "Be yourself, everyone else is taken". Partner Rachel Bateman has summarised the evening's discussion:

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British Science Association

We are supporters of the British Science Association which works with the UK government on a cross party political scheme to improve the inclusivity of STEM in UK schools and universities. This is a long term project that we hope will see increased diversity within the patent profession in the coming years. We are also involved in various events to promote women in science such as "Celebrating Women in Chemistry", an event at which Dr Zöe Clyde-Watson spoke at in February 2019 to coincide with the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We have also donated funds to the Careers In Ideas website which aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the IP profession within schools, colleges and universities to provide greater access to information and opportunities.

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