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New Zealand Joins Madrid Protocol

New Zealand has today finally acceded to the Madrid Protocol system allowing for International Registrations of trade marks to designate New Zealand.

The Madrid system allows applicants to effectively obtain a bundle of rights in a number of countries (which are members) using one cost effective system.

This accession means that there will be substantial cost savings for those looking to utilise the International Registration system to obtain trade mark protection in New Zealand.

Other advantages of using the system are that the application only needs to be prepared in one language and subsequent designations can be made at any time. For example, now owners of existing International Registrations can designate New Zealand. Provided there are no objections raised by national offices of designated countries, local attorneys do not need to be appointed, saving the applicant time and costs.

At present there are 88 members of the Madrid Protocol system. A full list of members is available at www/treaties/en/documents/pdf/madrid_marks.pdf