IP Inclusive launches “Leaders’ Pledge”

The IP Inclusive Senior Leaders’ Think Tank has announced the launch of its new “Leaders’ Pledge”. The pledge aims to help senior professionals provide visible and active leadership on improving Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in their organisations.

D Young & Co is pleased to report that Partner and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer Dr Zöe Clyde-Watson is one of the first senior representatives to sign the Leaders’ Pledge, alongside other senior decision makers and patent and trade mark professionals, including representatives from CIPA and CITMA.

The pledge is a commitment entered into by individuals rather than organisations, and includes eight high-level commitments for the individual to:

  1. Provide visible and proactive leadership to improve D&I in their organisation.
  2. Take D&I seriously at the highest level.
  3. Embed and value D&I throughout the organisational culture.
  4. Build trust and safe spaces throughout the organisation.
  5. Educate themselves and their colleagues about D&I issues.
  6. Share their privileges.
  7. Insist on equity.
  8. Work closely with HR and/or management colleagues to achieve this.

Zöe Clyde-Watson’s IP Inclusive Leaders' Pledge

Zöe Clyde-Watson’s individual pledge can be viewed here:

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IP Inclusive Leaders' Pledge announcement of 29 July 2021

Read the IP Inclusive Leaders’ Pledge announcement in full:

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