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Unitary patent: EPO adopts 'true top 4' renewal fee

On Wednesday 24 June 2015 the Select Committee of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Office (EPO) decided to adopt the 'True Top 4' proposal for the unitary patent, in which the unitary patent renewal fee is based on the combined renewal fees for the four most frequently validated countries (Germany, France, the UK and the Netherlands), subject to a review in four years' time.

Proposed unitary patent renewal fee

The proposed fees are likely to be:

Year 2: EUR €350

Year 3: EUR €465

Year 4: EUR €580

Year 5: EUR €810

Year 6: EUR €855

Year 7: EUR €900

Year 8: EUR €970

Year 9: EUR €1,020

Year 10: EUR €1,175

Year 11: EUR €1,460

Year 12: EUR €1,775

Year 13: EUR €2,105

Year 14: EUR €2,455

Year 15: EUR €2,830

Year 16: EUR €3,240

Year 17: EUR €3,640

Year 18: EUR €4,055

Year 19: EUR €4,455

Year 20: EUR €4,855

Commenting on this development, President Benoît Battistelli said: "I am confident that today's decision strikes a positive balance, ensuring that the fees represent a real cost saving to the user and also providing a healthy operating budget for the EPO and the participating member states. This is another major step in achieving truly uniform patent protection in Europe."

Useful link

News update from the EPO, 24 June 2015, 'Business friendly fee pattern adopted for the Unitary Patent': www.epo.org/news-issues/news/2015/20150624.html