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UPC Preparatory Committee fees consultation

The Preparatory Committee of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) has today published a consultation document outlining the fees proposed for the new court.

Readers should note this also contains a proposed fee for the opt out. The consultation remains open for 12 weeks, until midnight on Friday 31 July 2015. Users in particular are encouraged to respond.

Unified Patent Court fee consultation paper

The UPC fee consultation paper can be found on the UPC website: www.unified-patent-court.org/news/90-9th-meeting-of-the-preparatory-committee-5-may-2015.

Further information

Further information is on the UPC website consultations page: www.unified-patent-court.org/consultations.

European Patent Litigation Certificate Proposals

We note that the proposals for the European Patent Litigation Certificate (EPLC), which will address the requirements for European Patent Attorneys to be able to conduct litigation before the UPC alone, have not yet been agreed but that these should be adopted and published in the near future.