We are celebrating our 125th anniversary

This is a special year for D Young & Co as on 01 October 2016 the firm will be celebrating 125 years in business.

Innovation in 1891

The seed was sown on 01 October 1891 when our founding partner, David Young, opened for business in central London. One of David Young's first patents concerned improvements in the manufacture of cornets and other wind instruments. From these small beginnings we have grown to become one of the UK's largest IP firms, with around 200 partners and staff serving clients throughout Europe, America, Asia and all global markets.

Our founding year was an innovative period for both technology and intellectual property. It was the year that Thomas Edison patented the motion picture camera, which made it possible to take, reproduce, and project motion pictures as we see and hear them today. Life-changing inventions also patented in 1891 include the taximeter, the refrigerator and the electric railway. All of these innovations have transformed the way we live and work today, and so it would seem that David Young was in good company when he had the vision to form D Young & Co.

Long-established clients

This anniversary is all the more special to us because our clients have accompanied us on this journey. In recent years we have been proud to mark client relationships of over ten, twenty and forty years. The 20-year collaboration with one major client, for example, has seen it grow from a 12-person business operating out of a converted barn, to one of the world's most respected technology companies with a market capitalisation of over £4 billion. This is just one of the many entrepreneurial businesses and individuals that we have been privileged to support on their journey to becoming an influential, innovative and world-renowned organisation.

Our people

And none of this would have been possible without our hardworking and dedicated staff, both past and present, who have helped us become the successful and leading firm we are today. Our people and the advice they provide are what make us stand out, so we welcome the opportunity to thank them for making D Young & Co a special place to work.

Here's to another 125 years!