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4 August 2010

Update to Google Keyword Policy in Europe and Adtext Policy in the UK

Update to Google Keyword Policy in Europe and Adtext Policy in the UK

Google has today announced a change to its keyword policy in Europe meaning that as of 14 September 2010 they will introduce a notice and take down procedure. It means that complaints can then be made directly to Google and if they agree that they are valid, they will remove the offending ads. This follows the recent ruling of the Court of Justice in the recent Google France joined Cases C-236/08 and C-238/08.

In a post on their blog Google also confirmed that Adtext complaints will continue to be considered and their Adtext policy will change for the UK (also Ireland and Canada), following last year's change in the United States which Google claims has 'helped both our users and advertisers by improving the usefulness of text ads'. This will allow some advertisers to use third party trade marks in their Adtext even if they do not actually own it or have explicit approval from the trade mark owner to use it. In other words, use must be legitimate but can be without consent.

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