Our people are what make us stand out, so effective training and knowledge sharing is crucial. 

We nurture and develop talent, so from day one you will receive support and encouragement to introduce you to the firm and your role so that you can maximise your potential. 

We are fully committed to helping you gain the necessary knowledge to perform your current role and prepare you for future roles to help you on your career path. One to one mentoring is rare in the intellectual property legal sector, but it is something that you will benefit from, as well as working with an exceptional team of welcoming and talented colleagues.

We are devoted to helping everyone continue to be the best they can be.

Route to patent qualification

On becoming a patent attorney, you will join a profession which is intellectually stimulating and allows you to build on your technical expertise. 

There are a number of qualifications needed to become a patent attorney. 

  • UK qualification: qualification within the UK is achieved by obtaining the Post Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary (QMW), University of London.
  • European qualification: to become European qualified you will pass all European Qualification Examinations (EQEs), having first completed the pre-EQE foundation course.
  • Full qualification: this is achieved by passing all EQEs and at least UK (PEB) exams FD1 and FD4 (formally P2 and P6).

We are well known for our flexible approach to professional development. We work with you to ensure that the route you take is appropriate, and where necessary alternative time frames are put in place. After all, we understand life happens and it is important to account for this on your qualification journey.

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