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European biotech patent case law

European patent attorneys Simon O'Brien and Antony Latham present our latest webinar update of new and important European Patent Office (EPO) biotechnology patent case law.

The webinar includes discussion of the latest European biotech patent case law developments including clinical trials protocols as prior art:

  • T 1123/16 (Eosinophilic bronchitis/GLAXO)
  • T 2963/19 (Liposomal irinotecan/IPSEN)
  • T 108/21 (Treatment of multiple sclerosis/NOVARTIS)

And sufficiency of antibody claims:

  • T 2416/18 (Cross-neutralising antibodies/POMANA RICERCA)
  • T 317/20 (NGF antagonist for treatment of osteoarthritis/RINAT)
  • T 499/18 (Compositions and methods for treating cancer/ONCOMED)

System requirements

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  • Apple Safari (most recent 2 versions).
  • Microsoft Edge (most recent 2 versions).
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