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Geographical indications: UK Government response to consultation

Following our 01 November 2018 article, the Government consultation into the UK GI scheme has been completed. The consultation received 92 responses from a wide range of individuals and other interested parties such as trade associations, trading standards bodies and non-profit organisations. Following consideration of the replies the UK Government has now published its formal response and actions that will be taken as a result of the consultation.

The Government’s intention relating to the two main areas on which the consultation focused are set out below:

Appeals process

A majority of respondents were happy with the proposals including use of a First-Tier Tribunal and the General Regulatory Chamber Rules, as such this approach is to be adopted. However, from the consultation responses the Government found it was clear the appeals process lacked clarity for end users. As a result, assurances have been made that further guidance on the process will be given.

New UK GI scheme logo

The feedback from respondents has been collated to aid the design brief for the new UK GI logo, which included that the logo should:

  • convey heritage, quality and provenance
  • represent a range of products
  • build recognition of GIs, and be suitable for use on a wide range of packaging types.

It has also been decided that feedback will be secured to ensure the final logo design chosen is appropriate for use by producers as well as recognisable and eye-catching to consumers. Therefore, various design options for the new logo will be produced and stakeholder and consumer research will be conducted.

A majority of respondents agreed with the proposed three year adoption period for the new logo so the UK Government has confirmed this transition period will be implemented.

Geographical Indications (GI): creating UK schemes after EU exit

Results of the UK Government consultation, published 25 January 2019.

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