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Ask Jo Malone - What’s in a name? A real minefield!

The Evening Standard features its 'Ask Jo Malone' column as an opportunity for readers to pose their business-related questions to Jo Malone, UK entreprenuer and perfumier.

In response to a reader's enquiry relating to an online t'shirt venture: "I have set up a limited company in our new business name for my online t-shirt venture. Is that enough or do I now need to register this name separately? How important is this if I need to make any name or brand alterations further down the line?"

In response, Jo advises "that you deal head-on with the legal implications of trading and registering and ensure that you secure solid expertise in this area because it can be an absolute minefield." and quotes Jeremy Pennant, trade mark specialist at D Young & Co, who says:

People often think if they have registered a company name or even a domain name, it will give them the right to use that name. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Before trading under a new name, it is important to check that no one else has registered the same name. If they have, they may be able to stop you. This could happen after you have started to use the name. Carry out the necessary research and checks at the beginning of setting up your business. Basic checks can be undertaken on the Intellectual Property Office website but professional advice can be obtained from a trademark attorney.

You can read the full article here: www.standard.co.uk

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