Information relating to our procedures in view of COVID-19

As you are probably already aware, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, our staff are now working remotely to allow us to deliver an uninterrupted service. In order that we keep our staff and their families safe, we are also reviewing and implementing a number of important changes to processes across the firm. Below you will find details of these processes.

Telephone services

If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please contact one of our usual office numbers. Your call will be answered and a message will be taken and passed to the relevant member of staff. This will of course mean a slight delay in response. Alternatively, you can continue to email staff directly and they will contact you as soon as possible.

Postage (hard copy)

We would be grateful if all instructions could be sent via email to your usual contact at D Young & Co, ensuring that the instruction is copied to

Fax services

Any fax received by the firm will be reviewed as normal.


Going forward we would be grateful if you could ensure all payments are made electronically. This will allow us to remove the multiple in person contact points needed for us to process a cheque and therefore reduce the chances of our staff being exposed to the virus. Our bank details can be found at the bottom of our invoices. Any queries relating to electronic payments should be sent to

Coronavirus: IP offices in Europe – changed practice

As a response to the new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak, intellectual property offices in Europe have implemented special measures to offer some level of flexibility to rights holders whilst Europe is working under new and uncertain conditions. Whilst this flexibility is welcomed we are not intending to make use of these provisions but will continue to work to the original deadlines.

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