Funds may be required in advance for expenses as well as in general circumstances. Disbursements charged include search fees, official fees, translators, overseas agents, court fees, counsel fees, and courier charges, as well as covering currency exchange risk. Where applicable, VAT is payable on fees and on most disbursements. VAT will be charged, where applicable, on disbursements except where official guidance makes it clear that they are excluded from VAT. In some circumstances you may be required to account for VAT under the reverse charge procedure, as noted on our invoices.

If we are holding monies for you, these will be placed in a client account and operated in accordance with our professional obligations. Subject to such obligations, we will credit you with any interest over £25 that is earned on such client account balances. You agree that we will be permitted to use any such balances to pay outstanding invoices. We will not be liable to repay any money that we hold for you in our client account which is lost as a result of a failure of the bank.