Open-source software & patents: protecting your clients & their innovations

European Patent Attorneys Alan Boyd and Anton Baker present this MBL (Management, Business, Law) "Learn Live" online event.

About this event

Open-source software and patenting might seem like opposed ideologies for dealing with software innovations.

Either your client opens their innovation up to the world, allowing third parties to do what they wish with it, or they lock it down and charge a licence fee to make use of it.

In practice, the interactions between open-source software and patents can be much more complicated.

In particular, the use of certain open-source software licences can partially or entirely negate the effectiveness of related granted patents.

Similarly, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that patents are always the best solution to commercialising any software-related innovations.

While very useful in achieving commercial aims, one must be aware that patents might only be one part of an overall intellectual property strategy to protect your innovations.

These issues are compounded when certain types of open-source software licence find their way into your client’s software repositories.

This virtual classroom seminar will consider all the key issues.

MBL Live

MBL Learn Live is a live broadcast session which you watch from your PC or laptop at a set date and time. Delegates can engage with the speaker and other delegates through interactive features including polls, chat-box and breakout exercises. Soon after the Learn Live session has taken place delegates will able to access a recording and revisit the material discussed.

MBL Learn Live: open-source software & patents

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