European patent prosecution & litigation webinars

Our January programme of European patent prosecution & litigation webinars will provide an update on case law from an extremely eventful year at the European Patent Office (EPO), the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), and will cover decisions by the German and the UK courts. This programme of webinars will be of interest to in-house counsel and associates who are involved or interested in European prosecution and litigation.


The three webinars will be presented by IP specialists Antony Craggs (Solicitor Advocate), Garreth Duncan (European Patent Attorney) and Uli Foerstl (Rechtsanwalt).

Webinar programme

Each webinar will run once on 22 January and then be available on-demand. Topics and decisions we anticipate discussing are given below.

1pm GMT: European patent prosecution & litigation (webinar 1 of 3: focus UK)

  • Practical application of the new doctrine of equivalents (UK decisions Generics v Yeda, L’Oreal v RN Ventures and Fisher & Paykel v Resmed).
  • Availability and nature of FRAND declarations (UK decisions Unwired Planet v Huawei, Conversant Wireless v Huawei & ZTE, Apple v Qualcomm).
  • Guidance on plausibility and sufficiency (UK decisions Warner-Lambert v Generics).

2.30pm GMT: European patent prosecution & litigation (webinar 2 of 3: focus Germany)

  • Indirect infringement and exhaustion of patent rights (German Supreme Court decisions Trommeleinheit and Digitales Buch).
  • Pharmaceutical product compulsory license sought and granted in preliminary injunction proceedings (Federal Patent Court decision Raltegravir).

3.30pm GMT: European patent prosecution & litigation (webinar 3 of 3: focus EPO & CJEU)

  • EPO significant cases (T 2026/15, T 2374/16, T 384/15 and T 1280/14).
  • Supplementary protection certificates (CJEU decisions Teva v Gilead, Boston Scientific v Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt).

Registration & timings

Each webinar topic will run once only on the day and then be available on-demand. To listen to all three webinars please register for each one separately. Select your registration link below to register:

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There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the webinars.

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