Techbio Patents: Maximising the Impact of Wet-Lab and AI Data

Join European Patent Attorneys Jennifer O'Farrell and Robbie Berryman for this Lexology masterclass webinar concerning techbio patents.

In the dynamic landscape of biotech innovation, the rapid growth in the use of AI-derived data in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable. When it comes to obtaining patent protection, should we now focus on AI-derived data or does a successful patent application in this field still hinge on the inclusion of traditional wet-lab data?

Defined as the interface between biotechnology and computational technologies, techbio is a rapidly evolving sector that uses cutting-edge techniques including artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive innovation in the fields of biotech, pharmaceuticals and the life sciences. With extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications directly at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) and European Patent Office (EPO), and providing portfolio advice to a broad range of clients across the physics, digital electronics, computing, biotechnology and life sciences sectors, European Patent Attorneys Jennifer O'Farrell and Robbie Berryman provide a uniquely harmonised and focused perspective to this topic.

During this webinar, we will discuss strategies for the effective use of AI-derived data in patent applications and question where and how wet-lab data fits into this process. Key topics will include plausibility, inventive step and the roles and risks of negative evidence.


Jennifer O'Farrell is a member of the UK BioIndustry Association’s (BIA) Cell & Gene Therapy Advisory Committee and regularly speaks at both biotech industry and patent events. Her patent practice focusses on immunology, molecular biology, biotechnology and biochemistry and she is highly experienced in prosecuting patent applications before the EPO and UKIPO, defending and challenging patents before the opposition divisions and Appeal Boards of the EPO, and co-ordinating worldwide patent portfolios and filing SPC applications.

Robbie Berryman is also a registered representative before the Unified Patent Court, Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney. Robbie’s areas of expertise include physics, electronics, microprocessor technology and computing and has drafted many of Arm’s key architectural patents which protect the instruction set architecture and processor designs used in the vast majority of smartphones on the market today. He also works on patent applications relating to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), imaging devices, telecommunications, medical devices, techbio and 3D printing.


This webinar will run at 1pm (GMT) on Wednesday 13 March 2024.

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