IPO Annual Meeting: SPCs

Garreth Duncan will be speaking about supplementary patent certificates (SPCs) in a session organised by by IPO’s Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Issues Committee during the IPO Virtual Annual Meeting in September 2021.

Garreth will be a panelist on the session entitled "To 20 And Beyond! Patent term adjustments, patent term extensions and SPCs: a US, European, Canadian, Brazilian and Japanese perspective", which will take place during this two-day virtual meeting.

The IPO programme provides the following information about this session: "The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has once again drawn the IP world’s attention to legal provisions which extend patent term beyond the normal 20 years from filing, to compensate the patentee both for regulatory delays and for prosecution delays before the Patent Offices. For innovative pharmaceutical products, every additional day of patent term provides critical protection against early generic entry – but these provisions are under attack in many countries as pharmaceutical IP comes under scrutiny like never before. Topics will include patent term extensions / SPCs for pharmaceutical and plant protection products – compensating for regulatory delays, and patent term adjustments / minimum term from grant – compensating for Patent Office prosecution delays."

IPO Annual Meeting event website

For further information about the annual meeting please visit the IPO website.

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Special Report Patents and SPCs post-Brexit - pharma's big opportunity?