Diversity in IP - harnessing the benefits of employing a diverse workforce

Richard Burton and Catherine Keetch will be attending this World IP Review (WIPR) event which will explore some of the most pertinent D&I issues facing the legal industry.

Over the course of two days, WIPR will examine topics including:

  • Why diversity matters.
  • Which are the leading firms and what steps have they taken to achieve equality?
  • What does a diverse workforce mean for the bottom line?
  • The reality for disadvantaged groups and how to overcome adversity.
  • The value of mentoring.
  • What does a culture-changing monitoring programme look like in practice?
  • What issues are LGBTQ+ lawyers facing?
  • How to call out prejudice.
  • Minority groups in positions of leadership: the issues, the challenges and the solutions.

Further information and registration

For further information about this virtual IP event please visit the WIPR website.

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