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UPC Portugal, London Division, Rules of Procedure

After a short quiet spell, there has been a rush of activity regarding the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

Portugal Ratification

Firstly, Portugal has officially ratified the Unified Patent Court Agreement. Ratification took place on 30 July and was published in the country's official gazette on 6 August.

Portugal's ratification raises the total number of signatories to eight. Thirteen signatories are, however, required in order for the UPC to be implemented and these signatories must include France, UK and Germany. So far, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal and Sweden have ratified the Agreement.

Location for London Central Division

The UK government announced on 11 August 2015 that it had settled on a location for the UK Local Division and London Branch of the Central Division of the UPC. It announced that the government had taken a lease of part of a new building in the Eastern end of the City of London, immediately above Aldgate East underground station. It is significant that the UK Government has decided to locate the UK branches of the UPC in a brand new building, in a central location.

We at D Young & Co are very pleased with this development both because of the quality of the premises and because the location is an easy and convenient hop from our offices, making access to the UPC very easy indeed for us and our clients. A link to the announcement is here, and a link to the building's website can also be found here.

18th draft of the Rules of Procedure

The UPC Preparatory Committee discussed the latest (18th) draft of the Rules of Procedure at its most recent meeting on 10 July. The UPC website does not contain a link to the draft but a PDF version is provided here.

It is clear to us that further work will be needed on the rules following the closure of the public consultation on the UPC Fees, which took place at the end of July 2015. We anticipate a further revised version once the results of that consultation are known and have been addressed by the Preparatory Committee.