MARQUES 36th Annual Conference

Partners Matthew Dick, Anna Reid and Jana Bogatz, from D Young & Co's trade mark and dispute resolution teams, will be attending MARQUES' 36th conference in September 2022. Matthew Dick will be speaking at the "Judicial Approaches to Parasitic Competition" session on Friday 23 September.

The conference will focus on celebrating marks - in particular how sustainability and new technologies will shape the future of brands. Topics for discussion include artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies, digital dispute resolution, sustainability, responding to external distruption, virtual/augmented reality and deep fakes, branding innovative products, and enforcement in the metaverse.

Matthew Dick will be speaking in "Part 7: Judicial Approaches to Parasitic Competition" at 10am on Friday 23 June. The session will focus on decisions regarding parasitic competition, where a competitor seeks to gain advantage by using similar products, store layouts, comparative advertising, original databases, non-registered designs and other trade elements. The panelists, from France, the UK and Germany, all members of the MARQUES Unfair Competition Team, will explore the differences between various legal systems regarding what is considered unfair, and will discuss recent case studies.