European patent prosecution & litigation webinars

Our programme of European patent prosecution & litigation webinars provides an update on case law and procedure from an extremely eventful year at the European Patent Office (EPO), the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), and the UK courts.

Key areas of focus are SPCs, the amended Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal, important UK patent litigation cases including Shanks v Unilvever, BDI Holding v Argent, Actavis v ICOS and Unwired Planet v Huawei plus Enlarged Board decisions G1/18, G2/19, G3/19 and G1/19. Further details for each webinar are given below.

This programme of webinars will be of interest to in-house counsel and associates who are involved or interested in European prosecution and litigation.


The three webinars are presented by IP specialists Garreth Duncan (European Patent Attorney), Antony Craggs (Solicitor Advocate), Bénédicte Moulin (European Patent Attorney) and Catherine Keetch (European Patent Attorney).

Webinar programme

Each webinar is available on-demand. Please email us at for access details.

UK patent litigation

Speakers: Antony Craggs, Solicitor Advocate & Bénédicte Moulin, European Patent Attorney.

  • Shanks v Unilever (inventor compensation).
  • BDI Holding v Argent; Prosyscor v Netsweeper (patent entitlement).
  • Regen Lab v Estar; Eli Lilly v Genentech; Technetix v Teleste (the doctrine of equivalents and potential defences).
  • Actavis v ICOS (the application of ‘reasonable expectation of success’ when assessing obviousness).
  • Unwired Planet v Huawei (the English court’s jurisdiction to determine the terms of a FRAND licence).

Register for webinar 1: UK patent litigation, 2pm GMT

Supplementary patent certificates (SPCs)

Speaker: Garreth Duncan, European Patent Attorney.

  • C-650/17 and C-114/18 (Advocate General points the specific way, with an important update from the CJEU expected at the end of December 2019).
  • C-239/19 (CJEU ducks issue of “third party” SPCs).

Register for webinar 2: SPCs, 3.30pm GMT

EPO case law and procedure

Speakers: European Patent Attorneys Bénédicte Moulin & Catherine Keetch.

  • The amended Rules of Procedure of The Boards of Appeal (in force on 01 January 2020) key revisions and implications for practitioners and rights owners.
  • Enlarged Board Decision G1/18 (reimbursement appeal fee).
  • Enlarged Board Decision G2/19 (third party’s right to oral proceedings).
  • Enlarged Board referral G3/19 (plants produced by an essentially biological process).
  • Enlarged Board referral G1/19 (computer implemented simulations).

Register for webinar 3: EPO case law and procedure, 4.30pm GMT


Each webinar is now available on-demand. Please email us at for access details.

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Patent-Buch EPO Board of Appeal Decisions
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